What's new in the Checksub Editor

January 23, 2024:

Bugfix: -- Prevent auto scrolling to the active cue on certain events, causing a black screen Improvement: -- Update the Watermark when we export a video with the free trial

January 16, 2024:

Bugfix: -- Prevent the payment button for subscriptions being blocked for a trialing subscription without credit card

January 12; 2024:

Bugfix: -- Fixes a bug that could lead to lost edits when going backward and forward in the browser (or with the two-finger swipe on a Mac trackpad)

January 10; 2024:

Modify multiple speaker IDs in bulk in the subtitles editor. Now you can select and edit in bulk the speaker id of multiple subtitle block. This comes in very handy if you want to generate a dubbing afterwards.

January 9; 2024:

Compare the translation with the original text in the dubbing interface Improvements: -- Some improvements concerning the opening/closing behavior of the source text and the right panel

January 5; 2024:

-- Remove the livechat bubble from the editor -- Improve the timeline according to the new design of the editor -- Improve Somali transcriptions Features: -- Add new features to the external API (list projects, list exportations, start an exportation)

January 3; 2024:

Allow to start a free trial without payment details

January 2; 2024: NEW UI FOR THE EDITOR

A new UI for the Checksub editor 🎉 We hide the timeline per default, we're using a overlay menu to edit your subtitles and dubbing, and we clarify the subtitles editor and Dubbing editor. Features: -- Allows to "play" subtitles even when there is no video/ audio asset Bugfixes: -- Fixes the bug that could happen when replace "something by nothing" in Search & Find -- Fixes a bug that lead to the audio not being updated when replacing an asset

October 10; 2023:

Now you can use the new tabs to switch from Subtitles to Dubbing

September 25; 2023:

🌟 Refine translation to improve your dubbing (Enterprise Option)
Now we're able to pick the best translation for your dubbing. What's the best translation for dubbing? Like the movies for dubbing you don't need a word to word translation. You need to take into account the duration of the initial sentence to pick the best translation. Now thanks to our new AI we will automatically pick the best translation to generate a perfect dubbing.

August 28; 2023:

A better voice cloning
Now we implemented a more stable voice cloning technology for AI-Dubbing.

July 25; 2023:

A new way to adjust the speed of your dubbing
You can now adjust voice speed more precisely. Click on the Adjust speed block in the right-hand menu.
If the voice block in the timeline doesn't have enough space to say the entire sentence, an orange border is added. You can then modify the text, move the block or adjust the speed of the voice to fix this.

July 5, 2023:

More languages supported by Checksub 🎉
  • Adds new languages for transcriptions, for example, Somali and Luxembourgish
  • Shows a clearer error message when already regenerating a voice block
  • Fixes an issue with the alignment of the loader for regenerating blocks
  • Fixes an issue with a disappearing video element when moving and releasing it

June 15, 2023:

Now you can Clone your voice and generate a foreign dubbing 🤯
  • Allow to clone voices in 8 languages
  • New live chat code

April 18, 2023:

We improved the synchronization mechanism between video, subtitles, and even voices. Now you can see the subtitle ID when you select a subtitle in the video area.
  • New synchronization mechanism between each element
  • Added the index in the timeline and the video area
  • Fix an issue to close the right panel
  • Fix the buttons in the header for small screens

April 13, 2023:

We added 200 new AI voices for dubbing. We now allow you to delete one subtitle with one click. We now make the subtitle ID visible in the editor to make the editing easier and faster. We optimize the workflow to create new projects by using the subtitles settings of the last project.
General improvements & features:
  • Preselects the last used languages
Editor improvements & features:
  • When pausing without active cue, shows the cursor at the end of the previous cue
  • Shows the cue id in the text editor and selector
  • The active cue can be deleted from the text editor by clicking on the trash bin icon
  • Updates generating blocks every 5 sec
  • Adds more than 200 voices
Editor bugfixes:
  • Fixes a bug concerning the cursor position when pausing between words

April 3, 2023:

Improve the AI-Dubbing with an audio isolation feature. We can separate your original voice from the audio background (music, ambient noise,...). For example, you can delete the original voice and keep only the music.
General improvements & features:
  • Improves the language input
  • Simplifies the process to generate new subtitles
  • Uses the subtitle settings from the last subtitle of the last project version with the same format (horizontal or vertical/square) for the initial splitting
  • Makes the review of the transcript optional
  • Makes audio separation optional
Editor improvements & features:
  • Blocks scrolling in the right panel when a dropdown is open
  • Brings back the original style of the line at the top of the timeline
  • Places dropdowns always on top so that they are always visible
  • Changes the colors of the audio separation assets
Editor bugfixes:
  • Only deletes old audio files when the regeneration of a voice block was successful
  • Saves unsaved changes before forwarding when the “Return to dashboard button” is clicked
  • Forwards the user to the dashboard when creating a transcript from the editor and reloads the editor when adding translations

March 15, 2023:

Allows to export SRT from a sharing link
  • Fixes a bug with Karaoke animations (font size is shown correctly)
  • Fixes an inconsistency between the dashboard and editor concerning the permissions to export

March 13, 2023:

Transcription improved by 20%
This new version improves our speech-to-text transcription for English, French, Danish, Swedish and German.
It means fewer edits for you to get perfect captions. ✏️
New AI-dubbing voices in Chinese
  • Shows a country selection for voices
  • Adds voices for Chinese
We added 14 new languages
Bashkir, Basque, Belarusian, Esperanto, Estonian, Galician, Interlingua, Marathi, Mongolian, Tamil, Thai, Uyghur, Vietnamese, and Welsh.