How to translate my video

Start by generating subtitles in the original language

In order to provide you with the best translation, it is first necessary to generate the subtitles in the original language of your video.

A - If you have created your original subtitle in Checksub

Open your project and click on the language button in the navbar. Once the dropdown menu is open, you can click "Add a language..." to add new subtitles languages.

When you create a translation this way, we will immediately generate the translation for the existing captions. So be sure that the transcript is good enough before adding a new language.

B - If you do not yet have your subtitles in the original language

  • Upload the video

  • Pick the automatic method

  • And you're subtitling project will start.

C - If you have the original language subtitles in .srt format

Do every step in the previous method (B) and then import the .srt file.

Once the project is processed, you can import your own .srt file to replace the one we generated.

Then you will be able to import your .srt file and remove the previous one.

Once you have the subtitles in the source language, it's time to translate it

If you used method A by adding a translation language to a Checksub project the automatic translation started immediatly for the other method you will have to start the translation when you want it.

If you created a new subtitle project or import your own srt files in the previous section,

open your original project by clicking on the language with the little flag on the right.

click on "Start translation" to start the automatic translation from your captions.

After a few minutes you will get the possibility to download or open the other languages in the editor.

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