Edit the style of my subtitles

Edit the style of all subtitles in your project

Click on the Style icon, and it will open the settings panel to edit the style of every subtitle in your project.

You can edit the font size, import your own font, use a template, add a background with or without opacity....

On the right side panel, you have the "editing" field where you can see that you are modifying all the subtitles.

When you select a single subtitle from the video area or in the subtitle editor, you'll see that the selection differs.

You can always click on the dropdown menu and select all the subtitles if necessary.

Edit the style or position of one subtitle, only.

To edit only one subtitle, you can click on the subtitle you want to edit in the video area.

Then you will get a settings panel on the right to edit only this subtitle.

You can edit the background, the position of this subtitle, the font, etc....

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