Trim or split a video

Would you like to cut out a video from your project? You can do so in the Checksub editor.

Trim a video element from the timeline

To trim a video element, you can simply drag the one border of the video block.

To cut a video, activate the Splitting tool

Move the cursor where you want to split the element and click

The splitting tool allows you to split one video into different element. Move your mouse to the timeline where you want to split the video, and you will see a reed line. That's where you will cut the video.

You can click to cut the element. You can do multiple click.

Deactivate the splitting tool once you're done

Once you've finalized your splitting, click on the "Split my element" button again to deactivate the option.

Move or delete your elements

Then you can move or delete each element indecently. Select them by clicking on it with your mouse. To delete one element, use your backspace key.

Now you know you to split, move and delete a video element with Checksub 🎉

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