〰️Emotion Recorder

Emotion recording is a tool that lets you adjust the dubbing generated automatically by Checksub. It lets you record yourself with the intonation and prosody you want for one sentence.

How do you edit the dubbing generated by AI to obtain a perfect result?

Sometimes, when you generate your automatic dubbing, you may not be satisfied with the prosody of a sentence. You don't know what's prosody is? Prosody is the patterns of intonation in the voice. So it's simple the way you say something, including the rhythm, some hesitation,etc...

Stop playing with sliders and discover the new way to edit AI-generated voices.

To this day, the only way to adjust intonation was with a cursor, curve or tag system. The problem with this type of operation is that it takes an extremely long time to adjust. For example, when you're speaking, you don't have the fun of adjusting sliders or details to know whether you should pause or speak louder, etc. The problem with this type of solution is that it takes an extremely long time to adjust.

So we invented a new way of editing AI-generated voice. We call it the emotion recorder.


  • This option is only available with cloned voice at the moment.

  • Ideally, the recording should be made by someone who speaks the target language, to avoid adding foreign accents in the generated sentence.

How to use emotion recorder?

1 - Start by generating your dubbing project.

2 - Open your project

3 - Select the sentence you want to improve and click on "EDIT VOICE"

4 - When you click on "EDIT VOICE" you will open a right panel Go to the Emotion Recording section and click on the "Record" button

5 - The first time you will have to grand access to your micro

Select "Allow on every visit" to avoid to have this pop-up each time.

6 - Now you should be able to see the gray waveform that allows you to see that your mic is connected.

If you like, you can change the microphone used to record your voice by clicking on the gear icon to the top right of the section.

7 - When you're ready, click on "Start recording", the waveform will turn green and Checksub will start to record your voice.

You can either read the on-screen subtitle or the full sentence in the right panel or the left editor.

We also invite you to open the Timeline to get a better idea of the video's tempo.

8 - Once you've clicked on "Stop recording", you can listen to your audio, make a new recording if you're not satisfied with the result, or click on Submit to generate the new dubbing using your recording.

Once you've clicked Submit it will take between 15 seconds and sometimes over a minute to generate your dub.

Once the new dub has been generated using the Emotion Recorder, you can always delete the recorded audio if you wish to switch back to a classic dub generation without using the Emotion Recorder.

Click on the cross to remove the recording and click on Regenerate voice. It will regenerate the voice without the emotion recorder.

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