🤔Frequent Issues

Having an issue with Checksub? Here's the most frequent ones and how to solve it.

My translation project is blocked on "Pending transcript"

If the status of your translation is set to "Pending transcript" this means that you have to validate your transcript. The transcript is the subtitle in the original language of the video. In order to provide you with the best possible translation, we recommend that you proofread and correct the transcript.

To do that, open the original language project and in the editor click on the "Start translation" button. It will start your automatic translation and unlock the other languages.

My video has disappeared and is no longer visible in the project

If your video player is black, and you can't see your video anymore, look in the timeline. If the purple video block is not visible, it means that you have deleted your video from the project. But don't worry, you can easily add it back to your project.

Then you can see all videos you previously uploaded on Checksub. Find the video and then click on it. The video will be added to your timeline.

Your video is now added to your timeline and you should be able to see it when your play the video.

How to export and download my video

To download your video click on can open the project and click on Export

Then choose the desired parameters and click on the Export button

Then you will see a confirmation message to confirm that the exportation started.

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